The BiCom-nicator is the official name for the FT (Flake-shaped Tablet), X-Fon and SD (Slide-Tab) models manufactured by the Man Age Incorporated. Each models are different by shape, design and compact capability, but their features and uses are all the same.

In Azure CIty Secondary, the BiCom-nicator is greatly recommended for all students to have, as some cheaper models are given free for some students who cannot afford them. In Azure High, casual communication is only allowed during recess and off-school session. Some social and 'too fun' related applications and features are temporarily disable in the mention of 'The feature cannot be used here or now or both' during school session. If the student is currently busy with their BiCom-nicator until the free time to used them has finished, they will be informed to hasten their activity, or the system will automatically pause the task or instantaneously save the progress. Video games and pranks related features are ultimately disable except during off-school sessions and holidays in Azure High.

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