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 The Behemoth is a Boss during Chapter: The Eager Beaver. It later can be fought as a Rare Game enemy at Pharos of Archon.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

The Behemoth looks like a large humanoid beast with a face of a, well, a 'beast'. It has massive build, have indigo skin and black body hair. Its horns are like bulls, wears a pair of shoulderguards, armguard, kneeguards and a loincloth. The loincloth is apparently a dusty shirt, which the Behemoth probably stole from a human that it killed. It wields a large spear-like glaive, which seems to be made from bronze.

Page 2: BehaviourEdit

The Behemoth's behaviour is rather vague is observation. It sometimes terrorize a village, camps and even traveling merchants to steal their goods. Sometimes it can be seen hunting other animals and even monsters with his spear-like glaive. When asleep, the Behemoth seems to shrink a bit in size, for no known explaination.


As a BossEdit

The Behemoth has large amount of HP to be an early boss. But its attacks deals moderate damage, and not it is not very fast to swing its glaive. Evading its attacks are fairly easy because each times it's about to swing it, it'll grunt. The Behemoth always chase one party member that is healing the party. It will use its Stampede attack, so preferably set the party's Healer to have a Dodge and Evasion to the upmost priority.

Behemoth may also use Quake, a powerful Earth-elemental attack thats hits only the ground. Since Voice Action is not yet usable, the party should just spread out to avoid Behemoth possibly taking them out with it.

One of Behemoth's most lethal attack is Fatal Back Fist. He'll swing his hand to the back first, then lunges and performs a back fist. It is easy to dodge is watched carefully. When performing, Behemoth cannot be inflicted by debuffs, effect debuffs and some debuffs such as Slow and Delayed is dispelled from him. Even if Behemoth's HP already falls down to 0 while performing it, he'll finish it as his last resort, then he'll truly be defeated.

As a MarkEdit


  • The Behemoth is based from the Behemoths from Final Fantasy XII. Their appearance is heavily based on them.

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