Armshields are Pseudo Weapons that is designed like a fused Buckler and Knuckle. It can be used to effectively and quickly to block attacks eliminating the Latency between attacks.


A Whip may instantaneously inflicts Flinch to any Beast-type monsters. A Whip may also use for combo attacks that involves binding the enemy while having other allies attack the binded target. A Whip also have a random reach without moving around, it may also inflicts normal damage against Flying units, but rather seldomly. Unfortunately, a Whip cannot be use to parry nor guard any attacks. Wearing Whips disables the equipping of Sub-Weapons

Note that none of the main characters uses Whips, but some recruitable Neutralists does.

Name Image Attack Effect LP Additional Info
Whip 3 30
Vinus Wrap 4 15% Flinch on hit 35 Amazon-elemental damage
Cable Wiyr 5 50
Ivy Whip 7 10% Irritation on hit 55 Amazon-elemental damage
Chained Whip 8 55
Stinger Coil 11 10% Poison on hit 70
Fernroll 12 Lower the target's Focus 70 Amazon-elemental damage
Silvertongue 15 80

Increases 10% chance to obtain loot

Increases Gil obtain by 50% while increasing their minimum amount by 50% average

Ahriman's Tongue 17 20% Flinch on hit 75 Increases 15 Dexterity on equip
Executioneer's Whip 19 50% Downed on hit (No effect on Undeads) 80 Dark-elemental damage
Chimera Tail 23 30% Venom on hit 90  Increases 10 Dexterity on equip
Orochi Heads 20 40% Venom on hit (No effect on Yamis) 100 Barage Damage


  • Whips are one of the few weapons that one-handed, but wearing it disables sub-weapons.

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