"Pomeceous fruits that is an all-time favourite to all and has delectable succulence."

Apples are a group of Foraged Items that is regarded as 'Common'. Apples have quite a lot of varieties, and most of them are easily obtain as their trees bears fruit fairly frequently.


Apples are a type of all-year seasonal fruits that the trees are planted at almost any orchard. Apples usually have very rich taste, but due to that, they are easy target for fruit-loving insects.



Apples have rich taste, so almost every characters loves to eat them. Making it highly versatile for Yummy! to trigger and grants them better Stamina recuperation as well as Focus enhancing.


Due to apple being an all-favourite, it becomes favorable target for insects and bugs to infest it. Thus, foraging them may note the player that the fruit itself have a bug inside it.

Also, even if a clean or pure apple have been obtained and kept in the bag, they may be infested by caterpillars and other insects if left not eaten.

List of ApplesEdit

Name Image Description Potency Additional Information
Gala Apple A typical red apple that is favorable by typical people. 85
Red Delicious A famed red apple that has rich taste despite its actual lack in sweetness. 95

Better Focus enhancing to Red color favouring characters.

Granny Smith A green apple with thick skin. Highly resilient to pests and very juicy too. 95

Better Resilience

Fuji Apple A red with yellow overrides apple that grows on cool climate that preserves its freshness and sweetness very well. 100

Increased Potency when kept cool. Great Resilience.

Golden Delicious A golden yellow apple that glows bright in reflection to the sunrays during twilights. 100

Fair Resilience

Bramley A green apple that is almost biconcave in shape, have thick skin but lacks juicyness. 90

High Resilience.

Lobo Apple A special apple favoured by the Canideas. These apples looks dicriminatingly alike the tomatoes yet sweeter than a peach. 95

Doubled Potency to Canideas.

Pink Lady Apple A charming pink colored apple that looks very sweet and juicy. Despite their looks, their taste is just average.


Increased Potency to female characters.

Better Focus enhancing to Pink color favouring characters.

Hesperides's Apple Apples planted in the garden of Hesperides. They ironically look like oranges if viewed closely and they are tangerine in color. 125

Bestow Hype and Blessed.

Very High Resilience.

Golden Apple A legendary apple that is pure of aurum. They are actually inedible, but simply having them in your stomach is enough to make you young forever. 0

Becomes Immune to all debuffs.

Receive 50% less damage. Decreases Movement Speed by 20% and Latency by 50%.

Effect's permanent until Save Point or going to the toilet.

Infinite Resilience.

Forbidden Apple Unusual looking apple that is violish red in colour. Their taste is enough to send someone instantly to heaven. But, they are believed to doom the person that eat them to have an eternal nightmares. Full HP and MP

Inflicts Sleep upon eat.

Inflicts Nightmare upon Yummy!.

Infinite Resilience.

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