School Fare Series Monsters
{{{japan}}} (Anceletsu)
Rank D-
Type Attribute
Unpredictable Melee-Ranged
Class Property
Beast Neutral
Genus Element
Ichthus Water
684 - 738(each) 80(each)
SP Reach
279 - 335(each) C+
Latency Movement Speed
B- B-
Strength Magic
9 - 12(each) 10 - 14(each)
Defense Resistance
20 - 26(each) 26 - 29(each)
Vitality Speed
27 22
Attack Dodge%
10 50%
Dexterity Evade
30 40%
Resilience% EXP
60% 176
CP Gil
30 0 - 150
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Water
- Weak 30% Weak 80% Absorb / Resist 60%
Wind Earth Dark Holy
- - - -
Psychic Spatial Amazon Novae
Weak 40% Weak (Varies) - -
Dimension Blood Weather Aether
- - - Resist 40%
Sound Atomic Celestial Temporal
- - - -
Bestiary Location Bottom Lagoon
Location Bottom Lagoon (Saint's Shoreline)

Random watery places

Common Steal None
Uncommon Steal None
Rare Steal Luminous Scale
Common Drop Translusive Goo, Sticky Mucus
Uncommon Drop Translusive Goo
Rare Drop Luminous Scale
Very Rare Drop Hydra Pearl
Card Drop Ancelets, Beast Order
Common Poach Sticky Mucus
Rare Poach Hydra Pearl
Attacks Paddle Ram, Team Tackle, Body Slam, Torpedo Rush
Abilities Water, Aqua Breath, Bubble Shield, Froth Srike
Innate Abilities Dodge, Evasion, Levitate, Permeation, Stagnation, Transparency, Unaware
Immune to Blind, Burn, Delay, Delusional, Miasma, Poison, Sap, Scorched, Trauma, Soaked, Stop, Silence, Reverse, Warp, Charm, Infatuated, Crashing, Gravitize
Other Information Constantly use Torpedo Rush for the first minute when conditionally provoked

 The Ancelets is a Beast/Ichthus-type enemy in the School Fare series. They are highly unpredictable in terms of aggressiveness. It is only located on several locations, exclusively and constantly in Bottom Lagoon and several random watery areas, but notably rare. Like all grouped enemies, Ancelets have multiple members in their group, but classified as one unit. The first meeting with the Ancelets will have an event when they were 'dancing' around in circles with themselves, then startled by the presence of the character.

Beastiary EntryEdit

Page 1: AppearanceEdit

Ancelets have an unusual body type. It looks like a translucent, yet luminous eel-like fish that also looks like a hydra. They have a pair of very big illuminating light-bulb like eyes that can float away from their eye holes.

Page 2: ObservationEdit

"Ancelets are timid by observation, but in truth, they are elusive creatures which really like to fight and spars with each other. Although they travel in groups, they constantly team up together to defeat other enemies rather than directly facing themselves. Only in peace they may war."


Like most Ichthus, Ancelets also spawns from watery places and comes out from:

  • Tip of body of water (Average-High)


  • Ancelets are derived and based from the special fish-like creature under the Chordata phyllum, Lancelet.

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