Ought To Be is one of the Soundtracks in School Fare series. It was written by Allan Zhayn.


Since I could remember

You were always

There with me

Always playing together

Playing tag, house and tea party

Partying together, celebrating our birthdays

You were

Always there with me

Now that we've grown up

I thought it was time for me to say that

Since then I've always like you

I'm saying it because it has been

Always you

Always you

You were always there with me

Through thick and thin

No more denyin'

I always know we had something

But you always

Were such a blunt guy

So I didn't know how to say it to you

It has been

Always you

You are my one and only

Always you

And no one else

Now that we've grown to adults

I'm gonna tell you so just hear up

I want you to want me

So just come here and bear with me

Always you

And no one else

You are my one and only

Always you

Just believe that it has

Always been you

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