Ahriman's Tongue
Class Whips
Attack Power 17
Hit Style Lashing
Attack Type Strike
Additional Info Inflicts 20% chance of Knockback on hit
Ahriman's Tongue (アーリマンの舌, Āriman no shita, lit "Ahriman's Tongue") is a type of Extendable Weapon under the Whip class in the School Fare Series. It, along with Orochi Heads are the only Whips that can move on its own.


Physical FeatureEdit

The Ahriman's Tongue default Flinch chance is 15%. Any additional Dexterity will increases the Flinch chance by 1% with every 3 additional Dexterity. For example:

Ahriman's Tongue = 15% Flinch + Additional Ahriman's Tongue Effect: 15 Dexterity = +5% Flinch chance

Equipping the Eagle Eye Ring: +20 Dexterity = +7% Flinch chance

The total Flinch chance will be (15%+5%+7%) = 27% 

Note that Ahriman's Whip's Flinch chance will reset to 15% if the user has been Dispeled. Ahriman's Tongue will recover from it after approximately 15 seconds.

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